Story Time – A story of toothbrushes

Grandpa, grandpa Yes? Grandpa I can hear you What is it little brush? Can I ask you a question? Yeah sure, go ahead.

My friends, they all know what they wanna to do in the future but, I don’t know what to do when I grow up.

I am cleaning children’s teeth right now but, what should I do when I grow up? Well, you see, we were made to clean teeth Along the way, we may clean other sort of stuff.

but let’s not forget our purpose which is being helpful and useful so do whatever you want to do, whatever you love to do stay to your true nature Always be helpful and useful ummm Just don’t be like your daddy brush Stay in a box all day Doing nothing, not being useful it’s a recycle box, how many times do I need to tell you that! Grandpa is right! Daddy brush stay in a box all day doing nothing and not being useful! Hey little brush you se this symbol? It means recycle Recycle means reuse I AM being useful by recycling myself I will pass my usefulness to the next generation A generation of not just toothbrushes but all sort of stuff.


Toothbrushes, brush, microwaves, cups, plastic.

blah blah blah blah blah Why don’t you just admit that you are lazy and don’t wanna be useful! I will not have this argument with you again! It’s ok grandpa brush.

I will definitely not be like daddy brush.

I will be useful all the time! Well, that’s the spirit I think I know what I wanna to do in the future now grandpa.

I wanna be like you and maybe be as useful as you one day! You will be, little brush You will be just as useful as me Well, I am off to do something useful right now so I will see you later! ummm Never mind grandpa, I think I will be like daddy brush, stay in a recycle box.

Source: Youtube