McCarl Dental Group Investigates: Crowns

Speaker 1: So Dr.

Duarte, last time you recommendeda crown and I’m really not too sure what that is.

I hear it called cap, crown, what’s goingon? Dr.

Duarte: There are a few terms floatingaround for what a crown is.

A cap and a crown are essentially the samething.

Depending on the type of crown it can be fullcoverage and then depending on which tooth is, what part of the mouth, front tooth versusa back molar, we may use different materials to get the optimal desired aesthetic or thelook of it.

There’s also a strength effect so we mightuse a different material on a back molar as opposed to one of your front teeth.

Speaker 1: Okay, so do you have to drill onmy tooth or does it just cover it as is? Dr.

Duarte: We shave it like a few millimetersall around the tooth and it covers it.

It sits right on top to protect it.

Speaker 1: Oh and you mentioned differenttypes of material aesthetics or- Dr.

Duarte: Yes.

Speaker 1: What I gear towards, like whichone would I want? Dr.

Duarte: So aesthetically we usually useporcelain to get a nice beautiful crown for your smile.

To add strength we may use a metal or somekind or zirconia underneath the porcelain to give it some extra strength such as a backmolar.

Speaker 1: And metal, is that going to begold or how would that look in the back? Dr.

Duarte: We use different kinds of metals.

Typically they’re a silver colored metal howeverit’s very minimally seen in the mouth, so it’s underneath the porcelain or the zirconia.

Speaker 1: Okay, great, thank you.


Duarte: You’re welcome.

Source: Youtube